Why Universal Healthcare Is Important For A Country

In the last few years, healthcare in the United States has skyrocketed and become so expensive that millions of people still don’t have insurance and those who have it are not able to access some services because of the plans they have. In the past, this problem was only experienced by those who are under the poverty line but in recent years, this inadequacy has bitten into the middle class and more of them have very limited access to care or no healthcare at all. Therefore, there has been a case for universal healthcare where all citizens of the country have access to physician provided health services. Advocates say that this would lower the overall cost of insurance and provide all people with equal access to excellent health.

Universal healthcare is necessary because it states to all people in the society that all people are equal regardless of their skin color, national origin and social status. Many of those that are underinsured or with no insurance cannot go to see providers and therefore end up going to the emergency room. These expenses are usually billed at a higher cost by the hospital and if the person is not able to pay, the tax payers are forwarded the bill. This has led to budget cuts in many sectors in order to cater to this growing problem.

Because of the fact that they do not have access to healthcare or cannot afford it, when they eventually get to a doctor, uninsured individuals may end up getting poor services and no diagnosis on conditions that they may already have. Doctors are afraid to be stuck with a malpractice case for people who already have preexisting conditions.

Universal healthcare has been said to cost between $35 billion to 70 billion and then any more for out of pocket expenses for the uninsured. This is relatively lower than the estimated $100 billion that is spent by the uninsured when they visit emergency rooms. There is also another $34 billion that falls under uncompensated expenses such as when an individual visits a doctor’s office and then are not able to pay for the care as well as bad debt that is written off. There is need for this care because those who do not have it have reduced life spans and are therefore not able to work effectively.

The criminal justice system, Medicare and other social programs are currently strained on top of the deficit that the government is experiencing. Universal healthcare would even the plain field for all citizens. Communities where individuals are uninsured have high risk of communicable diseases, may not be aware of dangerous sexually transmitted diseases and can spread diseases to other members of the society.

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